Monday, January 24, 2011

Road trip to Puerto Escondido

Hualtuco is the perfect place to get off the boat and see inland Mexico. We rented our first car and drove up the coast to Puerto Escondido. This is the anchorage we drifted at a few weeks back. It was just a 2 hour drive from here. We found a sweet place to stay with an ocean view for just 700 pesos a night. This is $57 U.S. dollars. It was right in the heart of town. We walked to dinner and found a great pizzeria. Jack ordered a pepsi, and it came in a bottle! He was very impressed. There was also a local art walk, and we bought a few things from the local artists. My favorite piece was from a man who must have been over 80 years old. He hand carves these beautiful designs on gords. The cost for this beautiful hand carved one of a kind trinket? 30 pesos..... so only $2.50 U.S. I was tempted to give him more..... On our way up the coast we stopped at the Tortuga Sanctuary, which was fantastic. They rehabilitate sick, and hurt turtles, then send them back out into the ocean. Tomorrow we head by bus for a six hour ride to the city of Oaxaco. We plan to spend sometime here exploring the ruins and the beautiful Zapoteca people. It is nice to get off the boat for awhile, but I am craving the wind and the sea and starting to go through withdrawal. We are not sure what our plan is yet when we return from Oaxaco. Will we head back towards Mexico or cross the Tehuantepec into Central America? Thank you for your loving e-mails and blog comments. I am open and trusting that what ever we decide will be the right thing. It is just not clear yet, so I am waiting for that clarity. If it doesn't come....then it will be time to flip a coin and really let fate have her way.


  1. Enjoy your moments knowing that there is no wrong decision :)

    xoxo GF(girlfriend/girl Friday) ;)

  2. Love your life and live in your moments..

    Thinking of you daily :)