Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We made it safe and sound and the 18 hour passage from Ixtapa to Acapulca was calm and quiet. It felt soooo good to be underway again after three weeks in a marina. With 10 knots of wind on our back the entire way, we motored along at 6 knots. We, once again, are on the move without the Lisa Kay. ( aka our buddy boat) They are still in Ixtapa working on their water maker and enjoying taking their son Ben surfing. Originally we thought we would be side by side once we reconnected with them in Puerto Vallarta. But it turns out we have different schedules and different interests. I am sure they understand our need to move forward, just as we understand their desire to linger and enjoy where they are. So it is all good. So here we are flying solo once again. We do hope to reconnect with them at some point, if fate should have it. From the water Acapulco is beautiful! We spent our first day/night anchored by the Navy pier. We stopped here to have Santosha hauled out of the water so we could fix one of our props, due to the fact that this is the last place for that until we hit Central America. Patrick went ashore to find out where and when we could do this and quickly learned that it was not going to happen. Being a catamaran has its disadvantages. While researching this he met a great soul - Benne, who is a master diver and repairs the Navy ships as well. He offered us a free mooring, and use of one of his divers at no charge, unless we wanted to pay the diver what ever we felt was fair. I thought OK, what is the catch? But there is none. He is just a great guy, with a great crew, willing to help, which is unheard of in the US. So we moved today to one of his moorings, and Patrick went to work on taking the prop apart underwater. Tomorrow am one of Benne's divers will come and assist in the reassemble of this delicate project. If a little tiny screw is dropped, it goes into the abiss....and we get to go on a man hunt, ummmmm or screw hunt, all over trying to find a replacement. Talk about divine guidance tho. Without Benne, who is from Australia and speaks english......We would be in a world of hurt right now. So today, while Patrick worked on the prop, Jack and I took a Taxi to Walmart. Well .......it was an experience. He and I have decided to rename this place ACAYUCKA. Now this is just our opinion, so take it just for that. We are just not into traffic, crowds, and complete confusion. This city is huge. After being in very small peaceful, sometimes very remote places for the last 4 months, the noise and smell was an overload on the senses and the patients. But we did survive our trip to Walmart, with no spanish - it was a miricle. The people here are so sweet with my lack of spanish and complete gringo - ness. Pointing and smiling is getting me by, but man - o - man do I wish I could speak spanish. My life would be a lot easier. Tomorrow Jack and I are going to explore the nearby history museum, while Patrick continues to put Santosha back together....underwater no less. If I hang arround for that I will bite off every nail, so it is best if I amuse myself and Jack on shore. So back into the Jungle we will head. And seriously - this place is a jungle. I am thankful for my yoga practice, which is why I posted the last photo - because no matter where or what my surroundings are, I vow to remain calm on and off my mat!

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