Saturday, January 8, 2011

Goodbye Ixtapa

After three weeks in this special place in the world, we sadly say farewell and make our way to Acapulco. We have met three very special people who made our stay here feel like home. Adam and Zuzanna are the Captain and Stewardess of Lola which is, lucky for us, docked right next to us. Adam greeted us with a warm smile the first day we arrived, giving us the low down on the place. We invited them over for dinner the next night, and we became life long friends within 10 minutes. They spent Christmas and New Years with us, and we will forever cherish the time we spent with them. They also introduced us to the sweetest man, Alberto, who became our Taxi cab driver. His english was very good, which made finding what we needed very easy! ( CAB # 56 if you are ever in this area here is his phone # 0447551086892.) We promised him to stop back by and take him and his wife sailing on our way back to California when our adventure has us returning this way. That is if we can get him to take a day off. The man has not taken one day off in over a year. He told us once his car is payed off, he will take a day off! That is the way most of this country is. Even the guys working on the boats in the Marina showed up on New Years day. I admire the work ethic here, and the warmth and generosity we have witnessed since arriving in Mexico. If you are considering a place to vacation, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo are just a short direct flight from Lax. This is my favorite place so far. With the added bonus of The Present Moment just a 25 min. Taxi drive from here - you can be sure that I will revisit this place for many years to come.

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  1. They look like such a nice couple, Tam, glad you are making wonderful friends along the way ~ you will probably have life long friends after this trip to be sure!

    Safe sailing on to Acapulco ~ see if you have cell service when you get there :) Loved Loved Loved hearing your voice at long last ~ how I miss you but am enjoying "sharing" your journey so much!! Keep the amazing pics coming ~ makes me feel like I am there except for the fact that it was 39 degrees this morning!!! ugh!

    XOXO Lara