Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Present Moment Retreat Center - Troncones Beach

The other day I was feeling a bit boat crazy. Like I needed to change surroundings or I was going to go mad. So I went on line and googled Yoga centers in Ixtapa. Present Moment, with one click found me calling them and making a resevation for the next day. And I am happy to report, we just returned from Heaven on earth. The Present Moment Retreat Center should be at the top of your to do lists for 2011, if you are into yoga, or need a place to go to reconnect with that part of yourself that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. It is quiet and peaceful. The food was the best I have had since leaving San Diego. Staying in a private palapa with landscape that would make Adam and Eve jealous, was a delight for eyes. The energy in this place, and even on the beach that it is planted on, was the best I have felt since arriving in Mexico. I have been on many retreats, and this is like no other. The yoga classes and meditation class I took this am, were the finest I have ever experienced. Seriously, it was really that good. Patrick, who was reluctant to go, even loved it. He didn't participate in the yoga or meditation, but felt at peace and he was so relaxed by the time we left just from being there. This was his first experience in a retreat setting, and it was nice to share what is such a big part of me, with him. I think next time I suggest a place like this, he will be all for it! Jack loved it as well, and wanted to participate in the yoga and meditation. It was adult only classes so I promised him I would take him back one day when he is older. A promise I am looking forward to keeping! I have no doubt that I will return to this magical place one day and spend a good solid week in complete bliss.

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  1. Gorgeous shots of this amazing place!! I, too, think that Trancones beach and the few resorts on it are magical and have always wanted to return! Glad you were able to have some "land" time and soak it all in there ~ when are we retreating my girlfriend? :) Love the sunset pic, wow!!!

    Miss you and think of you daily xoxo