Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puerto Sacraficios

They should rename this place, Heaven on Earth. We are the only boat here, besides the local pangas that bring tourists from Bahias De Huatulco, for a day trip. There is no town, no hotels, no shops but several palapas with the best and freshest fish tacos I have had since arriving in Mexico. This anchorage reminds us of our old cruising grounds back in California, the Santa Cruz Islands. With the exception that the water is oh so much much, ever so much much, warmer, and there is food and cold beer on shore. We are anchored in 25 feet of water, and we can see the bottom and all the little fish swimming below us. I have been practicing yoga on my own private beach and life in this moment really could not be sweeter. There is also the best reef on this side of the pacific to snorkel at, so we made good use of this opportunity and we agree with this fact. For school one day, Jack took many of these photos with our underwater camera, and then researched all the things he saw from his library of sea life we have on board. After all his facts were together, he wrote about this reef and illustrated it so beautifully. It was great to see him so excited about what he was learning. While snorkeling, Jack swam with a huge school of fish, who seemed delighted that he was joining them. I took the camera at this point and snapped a few shots. This is also the perfect place to kayak/ paddle board, and just kick back. We are in agreement, hands down, that this is our favorite place in all the places we have been so far. It is almost our 5 month anniversary, since we left the safety of our slip in Ventura, family, and friends behind. Places like this one, make us realize how blessed we are to be witnessing such beauty. Completely untouched my man, this bay is teaming with life. I always feel most connected, to the bigger picture, when we are in sweet spots like this, or when we are underway and I am on watch at 2am under a star filled sky. This experience is changing all three of us in ways we are not even aware of yet. Our next port of call will be civilized, but we hear it is a great small town. Tomorrow we leave here, but you can be sure we will revisit Heaven on Earth when we head back this way.

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  1. Frickin WOW is all I can say....absolute perfection and you are right, heaven on earth!!! Thank you for letting us see these slices of heaven through your eyes - love you! xoxo