Saturday, January 15, 2011

Puerto Escondido

We departed Acapulco at 2pm and arrived in Puerto Escondido the following day at 5pm. For the first time in months, we sailed upwind with winds ranging from 10 to 18 knots. Seas were flat to mixed swell, making for a sometimes bumpy ride. A counter current slowed our progress much of the way. We stayed true to our 4 hour watch shifts during this 27 hour passage and we both had plenty of rest. Upon leaving Acapulco, it felt like we were entering the wild kingdom! On this passage we had over 12 whale sightings, a ton of sea turtles, dolphins, and lots of flying stingrays like the little guy in this photo I was lucky enough to snap. None of the whale photos were worth posting. They are hard to catch in action, but I will keep trying! We had our hand lines out during the day, and only hooked one fish, a small skipjack tuna, so we let him go. We have not had much luck fishing, but we hear it will improve as we head further south. The sunrise and sunset, that I was lucky to have entertain me on my watches, were beautiful. Our stay in this beautiful little bay was short lived. It was windy and we were wondering how we were even going to get to shore. The next morning when we woke up, we noticed quickly that our anchor had dragged and we were no where near where we first laid our chain. That was a bit unnerving, and the winds were still going strong. So we decided to pull up and out and make our way to our next stop. Whatever our anchor hooked on prevented us from blowing out to sea, but also gave us a good fight trying to raise her from the sea floor. It took us 45 minutes to get it unstuck, and the winds were picking up their force. The three of us kept our cool and worked well as a team, but my knees were knocking just between you and me. I reminded Jack, and myself by saying out loud, we just have to think positive thoughts, and a moment later we were unstuck and underway to our next stop. Puerto Angel is a well protected bay, and just a six hour hop. We really want to check out Puerto Escondido and plan to take a quick cab ride over from Puerto Angel so we can explore this adorable town, known for it's surfing, coffee beans, and the 11 varieties of bananas that grow here. So we are underway once again. Looking forward to putting our feet on dry land soon.

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  1. Awesome pics, Tammy!! So glad that you are safe - what a scary situation to be in! Looking forward to your next post ~ hoping your current sail is a safe and smooth one :) xoxo