Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puerto Angel

What a sweet sweet town. This is a small anchorage, with a lot of pangas taking up most of the room. But we managed to squeeze ourselves in. It was still a bit on the windy side, but so worth the stop. We walked thru town on Sunday, and the streets were filled with music and beautiful voices coming from a church service. It was one of those moments that sent chills down my spine. The water is now 90 degrees, so we spent some time snorkeling. I found eggplant at a local vegi stand and made eggplant parmesan in my Barbie kitchen. I have to say that after 5 months, I have fully adapted to my tiny tiny kitchen. My basil plants are still thriving, in case you were wondering.......We were boarded by the navy, and all I was worried about was them taking my basil! It was a simple routine check, and was no big deal. It is a little intimidating because these guys are toting really big guns with one hand at the ready. Jack thought it was the coolest thing ever! They were very nice, and even tried to teach me how to speak a few lines of spanish. Our stay was brief as we are still a bit unnerved from drifting anchor at our last windy spot, so today we head on just a 2 hour hop to Puerto Sacraficios.

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  1. Oh, these places are just heavenly!!! Your pictures are so vivid and alive w/color - makes me so "home sick" for Mexico...miss you Tam xoxo