Friday, January 21, 2011

Bahia Huatulco

I am in love with the churches of Mexico. This one is within walking distance of the Marina we are currently calling home. La Crucecita hosts the most beautiful church I have seen yet. The art work, and vibrant colors are stunning beyond words. Actually I am in love with all of Mexico. We are on the fence in this moment. Considering if we should continue forward, or reverse our steps and spend our time really getting to know Mexico. We have booked on down the coast at a rather fast pace, just tasting little bites of places. It would be nice to sink our teeth in and really get the whole flavor. While we are here in Huatulco, we plan to take our first inland trip to the city of Oaxaco. The Zapotecas colonized it and their decendants still live in this state. There are many Archeological sites and temple ruins to explore. The local art is rumored to be fantastic too. We also just met a great family on S/V Whatcha Gonna Do. They have a son, Harrison, who is Jacks age and in the same grade and they also have an older daughter, Danielle. Harrison and Jack bonded quick and are spending every waking moment with each other. They even did their school work together today. Harrison is also following the Calvert program. We have not seen any other kid boats in soooo long. It is great to have a friend for Jack.....and a friend for me again too! They were originally on the same path as us, heading to Central America, but have decided to enjoy the cruising grounds of Mexico and make this their turn around point. We are so tempted to do the same. If we move forward, this is our last stop in Mexico. From here we make a two day, give or take , crossing into El Salvador, then onto Costa Rica, and finally Panama. It is a lot of miles to cover in a very short time. Our awesome brother inlaw Steve is flying in from Idaho Falls to help us crew, so what ever we decided, we'll have extra hands on board to help us out. Not a bad situation to be in.....both choices are great options to be toiling over. What to do.....What to do....... on our way back to Heaven on Earth to snorkel with our new friends is what we are going to do in this is just a quick 30 minute dinghy ride from our Marina.


  1. It is wonderful that you are loving Mexico now enough that you are considering slowing down to enjoy more of it. We went through that same evolution last season! Nobody can tell you what to do, of course. Just take a deep breath and you'll feel what's best for you. And whatever you decide will be the right decision!

  2. So glad you have met some new friends! Jack looks very happy in these pics :) There is so much to love and discover in Mexico ~ it is the land where my spirit is most happy and free...take deep breaths and allow your path to unfold...go with each moment - this is why you took this trip - the freedom to choose your path based on your inner knowing...go with it, my friend :) Love your photos - they are exquisite of these churches!!

    Much love to you all,


  3. Barb / Whatcha Gonna DoJanuary 30, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    COME NORTH!! :)