Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leaving Acapulco - Mission accomplished

Our prop is fixed, and we are ready to get the heck out of here. This will be one place we will not miss, but we will forever remember our new friend Benne. He went above and beyond helping us. We tried to pay him for the use of his mooring, use of one of his dive tanks, use of one of his divers, directions to everything we needed while we were here, from propane to little tiny screws. He would not take one cent from us. No catch, just a kind helpful soul we were lucky to cross paths with. What was potentially going to cost us hundreds of dollars, and possibly into the thousand range if we would have hauled out and stayed in a hotel..... ended up costing us nothing. So our Bali fund is still in place, and we are forever touched by this mans generosity and kindness. What is making this trip so meaningful, is not the places we are seeing, but the people we are meeting along the way. There is also a real sense of community in Mexico. Everyone helps one another, families seem to be very close, and not as dysfunctional, or a better word - separated, as in the U.S.A. Today we are off to our next spot, Puerto Escondido, a small surf town. This will be a 24 hour passage. We only have a few more stops in Mexico to make before we cross into Central America!!!!


  1. Good luck! It's so nice to see people out there like Benne. People that touch our soul with their kindness!

    Take Care - Nancy

  2. We love Mexico and its people. They are wonderful!
    Glad to hear everything is good to go. Fair wind to you and Namaste.
    Pascale, Bruce and the boys

  3. I think your new friend really just was diggin the blond hottie aboard Santosha!! Ha! In all seriousness, I believe we "run into" and cross paths w/those we are meant to glad you guys have guardian angels looking over you! What a wonderful friend you have made :)

    I knew you wouldn't be fond of Acapulco, but think you will probably always love Ixtapa/Zihaut ~ such a special place it is!! Love you all and missed you today, my Friday girl, as I wore our necklace and made my way to the beach - 80 degrees today at Leo Carrillo ~ simply the reason we live here - January beach days...gotta love it!!! XOXO

  4. I'm loving your blog having recently discovered it. I was married to a sailor...we had four sailboats during our marriage ...and loved sailing the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Awesome to read about your adventures in Mexico. I've been to Ixtapa years ago and loved it there.....but am sure I wouldn't have liked Acapulco either.

    Beautiful pics and glad you were able to fix the prop....unsnag your anchor and are having a safe and fun cruise.

    I can't wait to read your next post and see the pics.