Monday, March 28, 2011

Puerto Balandra

Can water any where in the world be clearer then this? I think not. We have heard nothing but good things about the Sea of Cortez, and seeing is believing. Every new cove we find is better then the last, and we have just begun our journey into this marvelous body of sea. Even that very famous fellow sea lover, Jacques Cousteau, has said this place is the worlds best aquarium. Enjoy these few shots of this little slice of favorite is the last, Patrick and Jack pulling me over a sand bar.


  1. Looks like the Caribbean!!! Oh so jealous and cannot believe how frickin tan you are!!! Snorkel and frolic in that amazing water for me!!


  2. How about those colors, huh? And the sunsets are the best I can remember seeing anywhere. We spent days in Ballandra, what a magical spot! Glad you're enjoying it... keep an eye out for fellow D-dockers Anne and Jeff aboard s/v Outrider. Great photos as usual! Cheers!

  3. Welcome to The Sea of Cortez! Glad you made it to one of our favorite places in the world. And that my blog is (was) of assistance :) And yeah, if you run into Jeff & Anne of "Outsider" tell them hi from "Deerskat" (we all re-named each other). Enjoy!

  4. PS Once in "La Paz Proper" look up "Don Quixote". They are heading across the Pacific in a couple of weeks, but they have 3 girls onboard - I think Mera is around Jack's age and they know ALL the kids in the area. Give them hugs from us too please!