Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leaving La Cruz, Huichol art, and Reiki

Today is our last day in La Cruz....for now anyway. It is a hard place to leave, and an easy place to stay. Right now there is a meca of cruisers here. Many with children, who are gearing up to cross to the South Pacific, or head North with us into the Sea of Cortez. In our 3 weeks here, we have made life long friends, who we will remember forever. While here I have also fallen in love with Huichol art.....Pronounced Witch-ol. They make the most amazing things out of tiny tiny beads and yarn. I can not pass by a stand without stopping to marvel at their crafts, and spend a few pesos..... They are one of the last group of indigenous Mexicans who have retained their traditional religion and they extend back to the Mesoamerican age. The hand embroidery on the clothing they wear is stunning, and done by the mothers, or the wives. I also have a hard time walking by a fresh coconut stand without spending some pesos. Have I told you how much I love Mexico lately.......This past week, I was also introduced to Reiki by a fellow Cruiser Jo on s/v Blue Moon. She and her husband Rob were in the yoga classes I taught, and it was an instant connection. She attuned me to a level one (there are three levels) and it has been a cool cool cool experience I must say. I have worked with energy in my classes, but this takes it to a whole nother level! I am adjusting to the tuning, as it takes four weeks to really settle in. Patrick is patiently waiting to be my first tune up, and Jack is, as you may have guessed, right in there with a ga-zillion questions about my new hobby. Jack has been having the time of his life here, with birthday parties, social gatherings, and the daily kids club. Today they made volcanos on the beach. It is going to be hard to pull out of this community that feels like home. But we are ready to untie our dock lines and head back out to the sea.


  1. Amazing color...Amazing art...and the Amazing people of Mexico ~ there is something about this land and it's peoples that pull you in and tug at your heartstrings and never let you glad you have discovered this love and I am enjoying taking your journey with you through your wonderful pictures and colorful descriptions!! Happy for Jack too :) Oh where o where will Santosha sail next?!! I am tuned in and waiting! Please get me a little trinket of their art before you leave, pretty please? ;P

    Love you Finnertys!!


  2. It was a highlight to have you at Zada's 6th birthday party....her 3rd since doing this "traveling boat thing" after leaving California behind. We also will enjoy the lovely black velvet Sleeping Beauty painting, which Zada finished soon after the turning of a new digit, and which now hangs from Eyoni's interior and which makes me think of two things: You and Elvis. I prefer YOU vs. the blotted Elvis that comes to thank you for the gifts, the jumping ability of Jack and for all the good we got from our visit here in La Cruz....xoxoxo Nancy on s/v EYONI