Friday, April 1, 2011

Ahhhhhhh La Paz

What a great little city. I love everything about this place. Even the trash cans that are placed all over La Paz are adorable. (Love the organico and inorganico labels) The Eco-ness of this city is evident as you stroll down the malecon, a long walking/running/biking path which fronts the most inviting sea I have ever seen. We are staying in Marina Palmira, and it too is really great. It is quiet, and walking distance to down town, an awesome little coco stand ( which Jack and I attend daily) and a taco stand that has the freshest fish tacos I have ever had.....for a mere 19 pesos each......about $1.25 U.S. and two will fill you up! Yes, I am fully intergrated into the Mexico way of life now folks. Eating from street taco vendors is my favorite meal out....seriously, we have spent some crazy money in restaurants for just ok food. Nothing beats the freshness and flavor of a good street taco....or the price. Also, as I have acclimated to my surroundings these past few months, I have stopped soaking our vegies in diluted bleach or microdyne solution. ( and it is liberating!) I figure, I had better let my body get used to this environment, and just stop the battle. So, I just wash them off with a bit of soap and water, just like we do in the USA......and none of us have gotten sick once.

It has been a busy busy week here. Marinas for us tend to be about work, and not a lot of play. We get our laundy done, wash and restock the boat, Fix anything that needs fixing, then try to get back out to sea as fast as we can.

La Paz is one of two places in the Sea of Cortez that you can stock up on provisions, so we are gearing up here for our three month exploration of this pristine place on earth. On top of working on the boat, Patrick and Jack are getting certified to dive, so they will now be official finally, and ready to dive with the Whale Sharks that visit this area. Me? I am happy as a clam with my fins, mask and snorkel floating on the surface, thank you very much. We also just finished booking and making our escape plans for the summer....because it just gets too blazing hot here. We will park Santosha in Marina Palmira and head out of Mexico at the end of June. We will be trading our Pesos in for Rupees...... Bali, Indonesia, here we come. I found a great two bedroom Villa 10 minutes from the city of Ubud. I have dreamed of traveling to Bali for years, and since we are living our dream on this trip, it only seems fitting to add that in......We will also make a quick 10 day pit stop to our home port in Thousand Oaks, to get Jacks school books for next year, and to love up my two grown boys Alex and Blake....and Blakes girl friend Natalie, who I just adore beyond words. Oh how I miss these three beings.......But back to present time... While Jack and Patrick have been attending diving class, I have had plenty of time to myself, which is such a rare and odd thing now. This city is completely safe to explore solo, so I have walked from one end to the other, a few times now, enjoying the sights and sounds and flavors ( taco stand!!) of this Mexican city. They finish up their last open ocean dive on Wednesday, and then we will head out to sea as we spend the next three glorious months exploring the Sea of Cortez.


  1. You sound so content! Everytime I feel the stress, I check your blog and live your adventure. I am so happy for you.


  2. You sound great. And you'll see tons of whale sharks around Puerto Escondido and in Bahia Concepcion. There was even one who hung around the fuel dock and the moored boats in P. Escondido! They are very mellow, and don't strike me as overly bright either, but awfully impressive to have one go right past you in your dinghy!

  3. Yes, La Paz is one of my faves too. Enjoy it, and enjoy the Sea of Cortez. It will be awesome! We are waiting for our weather window. Not sure when we'll leave. Missing you all. Love to all. xoxo

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  6. Can't wait to see you when you come home AND in Bali!!!!! Love you!