Friday, March 11, 2011

Yelapa and the Tsunami

Our stop in Yelapa was cut short by the Tsunami warning. Here is the story.....We were all set to go to shore to hike to an even bigger water fall then the one posted in these photos. It is about an hour hike by foot inland. It was 11:00 am. Jack had spent all morning packing up his backpack full of things for our adventure and survival down the river to the giant water fall. We had no cell phone reception, radio, or internet connection in this very remote village, so we were completely unaware of the horrible event in Japan. A fisherman in a panga was nice enough to swing by our boat as we were about to head to shore. He told us to head out to the sea instead as a Tsunami was headed this way, and expected to hit in about 2 hours. We asked if there was anything we could do to help, since the only way out of Yelapa is by horse, ATV, or boat. There are no roads into this sweet village. He thanked us and told us they would be fine. Well, it took us no time at all the take his advise and get into deeper waters. We headed back towards La Cruz, and once we had a good radio signal, we stopped the boat and just hung out in 1000 feet of water for the day. I gave Patrick a fancy hair cut to keep myself amused........and Jack could not stop laughing. We never felt a thing, but according to the Marina, there were several surges of water that passed through. Many other boats from around the area headed out to sea as well, and once the winds came up, we all enjoyed a nice day of sailing around the bay. We decided to head to Punta Mitta, since the winds were taking us in that direction, and we are now anchored off one of Jacks favorite surf spots. As far as we know, we are in the clear. In the morning, we will head in to catch a few waves, and enjoy the clear, clean water we are now in. I am happy to say, theses images of Yelapa have not changed, and we are all safe on this side of the ocean. Our thoughts and prayers are with people of Japan. May they be free from pain and suffering soon. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

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  1. that haircut (or what is left of it) is surely something the Vortex Cafe would have promoted! Sorry Yelapa was cut short - it's a special place with great hikes and endless mules and donky' the "good things" which my Zada loves so much! xoxoxo Nancy on s/v EYONI