Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crossing to the Sea of Cortez and anchoring at Bahia Los Frailes

Our 30 hour passage from Matzalan to our current home, Bahia Los Frailes, was as smooth as a babies bottom. It was like glass all the way across this expansive stretch of ocean. The moon was full and it was a glorious crossing even if there was no wind to sail with. Many many sightings were seen as we watched the color of the ocean change from a brown green into a beautiful hue of blue. Several large Manta Rays kept us entertained for hours as we watched them jump and splash, along with the usual suspects of Humpback Whales, Dolphins, and for the first time in months.....Sea Lions the size of Texas. I do not know why Sea Lions do not frolic further south.....I sense another homeschool project coming on.......but it was good to see so many of them again. We arrived and dropped anchor at 2pm and enjoyed a nice day of snorkeling and kayaking. Our surroundings have changed from palm tree tropical to massive rocky cliffs with white sand beaches. The Sea of Cortez is like the Grand Canyon for those of you who have never been here. The much welcomed scenery change simply put, is breath taking. Our plan was to spend one night here as we make our way to La Paz......but while man plans the Gods laugh.......we woke up the following morning to a whole new setting. Our glassy, we can see the anchor in 25 feet of water anchorage, has turned to howling winds coming down through the mountains and slamming us with, thankfully warm wind, that has turned our anchorage into a mosh pit. The boat is moving arround so much that it feels like we are underway. We quickly listened to the weather report on our SSB, and from the sounds of it, it will be blowing 25 to 30 knots for the next 5 to 6 days. We turned on our wind meter, and clocked a gust of 49 even. Normally getting stuck in a beautiful place like this would not be a bad thing, but due to the heavy wind, and white water rapids that now surround us, we can not get to shore to hike, run, practice yoga, frolic in the sand, swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle board, or do anything that keeps us entertained or from going completely mad. So we sit.....and listen to the howling wind as it bashes us back and forth, and yanks on our anchor chain like a dentist doing a root canal. I do not see much sleep in our near future as we trade our night at sea watches in for a watch the anchor so if it snaps loose we can start the engines and high tail it out of here before we crash into the rocks or drift out to sea. However, I do see much cooking and eating in the next few days.........Oh, except we didn't provision before leaving Matzalan since we were getting to La Paz in a few days.....which is more like weeks now. So I see much scrounging up what dried goods we have and making them into something eatable, along with the opportunity to sink our teeth into lots of homeschooling......Oh Joy. On the bright side, because there always is one, the sunrises and sunsets will not disappoint, and while rummaging under our beds in the dried food storage, I came across not one, but six bottles of my favorite California Pinot Noir. It was better then Christmas Morning! So bring it on Father wind, or Mother wind, or who ever you are.....because I am now laughing too!!!


  1. I read your posts, Tammy, like a greedy child grabbing for candy and you never disappoint - by the end I am laughing hysterically out loud...this time w/joyful tears down my face... missing you and feeling close to you at the same time. Stay safe my friend and have a glass or two (or three ;) ) of that California Pinot for me ~ Love you three!!

    xo Lara

  2. After 6 bottles of your favorite Pinot Noir, we all would be laughing! It sounds so wonderful!