Thursday, March 24, 2011

More from Bahia Los Frailes

Here are a few more snaps from our stay at Bahia Los Frailes. I think I took over 500 photos while here, in hopes that it will help me remember the feeling of seeing this side of the sea for the first time. It is spectacular. From these shots, the water looks calm, but trust me it wasn't! The clouds give that away with their fanciful rips across the sky. We managed to kayak to shore one day to do some exploring despite the winds that never let up. It was up wind to the beach and for awhile we were just treading water to keep from getting sucked backwards out to sea. All three of us were laughing hysterically as the waves splashed us directly in the face every chance they got. It was worth every bit of effort and soaking to place our feet on solid ground again, and to get a closer look at the scenery I had been drooling over for the past few days.

There is a fish camp here, which are temporary shacks that the local fisherman camp out in, and thats about it. No restaurants, no markets, no cold beer...........but check out the freshly cut jaw of a rather large Tiger Shark. We couldn't find anyone to give us the details on where it was captured, but we were guessing it wasn't to far from here. I never enjoy seeing any part of any dead thing in particular, but I was happy to see this jaw from this angle and not while I was snorkeling in the water angle. Jack and I said a little prayer, as we do when we come across anything that has lost its life......especially when we are the ones taking the life for dinner....and we toss in a few, we are sorry, sorry, sorry, because although we love the taste of fresh fish, the killing part is something that is never easy. The Sea of Cortez is known for its fishing, so there will be a lot of gratitude prayers going on this spring and summer. After admiring the massive teeth from this massive shark, we headed off on a back country hike. As we started, I noticed there were a lot of vultures flying directly overhead. It kinda gave me the creeps......I couldn't help but wonder if they were waiting to say their own gratitude prayer as their shadows followed us the entire way. I quickly got the feeling that the desert is an unforgiving kind of place, and was glad we packed extra water. After a great hike, we headed back to our kayaks and headed down wind to Santosha, with only no effort at all since the wind was still blowing, but on our backs this time. The next morning we listened to the weather, and they were calling for less without hesitation, we pulled up the anchor and waved goodbye to our first home in the Sea of Cortez.

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