Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve and Stuff

Our brother-in-law, Steve, returned home to Idaho Falls today, after spending four weeks with us. He was a great help and will be missed in many ways. Thank you Mo for letting us have him for so long. And thank you Steve for being such an awesome guy, for the love and the support, spoken and unspoken.

We are still in La Cruz enjoying the many things this area has to surfing, a great Sunday morning market with fresh organic foods and beautiful local crafts , a fresh fish market just steps away from our boat, and lots of great great cruising families. Jack is at the kids club as I type this, Patrick is out shopping for the perfect surf board, and I have the boat all to myself..... AAHHHHH.....deep exhale. This morning I had the privilege of teaching a yoga class in the yacht club, and have offered to do it again on Friday. It feels so good to teach again. I have been teaching here and there, and I realize now it is something I need to continue doing for my ummmmm.......mental health. I have allowed myself to fall way off my center in these past few weeks, in case you didn't notice......but I am coming back to solid ground even if there are still plenty of issues to keep me challenged in this life time. It is how I am choosing to navigate that will make all the difference. Keyword....choosing. Choice. I just love this word right now. I have a choice to be happy or to not be happy. Regardless. I am choosing to be happy for no reason right now in this moment, and hopefully in the next as well.

Yesterday, Steve choose to spend his last day on the beach in Punta Mita, another quick bus ride from where we are now. We took Jack and his friend Cameron from s/v Pahambili surfing. They had a blast, and were in the water catching waves all day long. Patrick was out there catching the waves too, and it was nice to see him enjoy some fun as well.

The weather here has been like a semi-warm California fall day. I even had to break out the heavy blankets for sleeping that were stored away. I made roasted garlic tomato soup the other night. Soup is not something I would have imagined I would be making in Mexico, but it was chilly enough for the inspiration. There is a sweet cool ocean breeze coming in right now, and I am roasting beets in honey and olive oil for a warm goat cheese Arugula salad. Yum! The cooler weather is a nice change from the baking heat just a month ago. Although it must be in the high 70's, low 80's......which feels cool to me now! We plan to hang out here for one or two more weeks to surf and surf some more.

To conclude this post I will share a quote that one of my FB friends posted today by the poet Mary Oliver. It was exactly what I needed to read as I make my way back to being grateful for all that I am witnessing and learning on this journey.

Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work. Mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.

Love, Peace and Clarity

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  1. Love love love to hear that you are feeling connected and on course, my dear Tammy. Our days bring so many emotions and changes as we navigate our lives. I am so proud of you for being true to yours and for seeing the "bigger picture" that is your LIFE and the LIFE of your family. I love you, I love Capn'Pat, and I love Jack - highest vibrations to your family....Om Shanti and Om Nama Shivaha!!!!! Namaste xoxo Glad you are home safe Steve and thank you for watching over my favorite family!!!