Friday, February 4, 2011


Do not be shocked......we have changed our minds.....again. Clarity is such a fickle thing.... After meeting many people here in Huatulco who have gone where we were headed, their experiences of Central America do not sound that inviting. We have concluded that crossing the T-Pecker, only to head into more bugs, higher humidity, rain, more rain, and lots of crime, are really not that appealing. I have also come to the conclusion that cruising is like child birth in a way. No two deliveries are the same - it is truly a unique, individual experience. Yet pregnant women endure the labor stories of all the women they meet - even complete strangers will share very detailed information that you would really rather not hear. Cruisers can do the same. However, going into the unknown can be difficult, and guidance is helpful, and very welcomed. But one has to keep in mind that no two experiences can be the same. Acapulco is a perfect example of how cruisers may feel different about a place, based on their experience, and what they like to do. We have some friends who are there now and love it, yet we did not care for it. We are trying not to make this decision based on what we have heard, but based on what feels right for us, in this moment. Plus, honestly - we are tired of waiting for a weather window to cross the T-Pecker, which for us, feels like we are trapped in this marina. Our brother in law, Steve, who is here to crew with us, reminded me today that it is really not about the destination, but it is about the experience. So if we cruise in Mexico or Central America - what is the difference really? Plus....Mexico still has many unexplored places to keep us entertained and amused. not be shocked if we change our minds again!!! This is the beauty of living in the moment after all, and as I explained to our very confused 10 year old son, the great thing about being human - is our ability to change our minds. To flow with what feels right in this moment. Ahhhhh the life of a you can see, we do have our stresses. Decisions need to be made. We heard of a sailor who only goes where the wind will blow him - he never travels up wind - always down wind, as he refuses to turn on his engines. This makes perfect sense to me. Then no decisions need to be made - the wind will decide for you. Yet we are not this free, or brave....... Mexico.......will shall stay in your warm sweet embrace, at least for now.


  1. You won't regret it! You have tons of time now to slowly pick your way up the coastline. And then, enjoy a glorious couple of months anchored in the Sea of Cortez, watching great sunsets while schools of rays fly out of the water around you.