Monday, February 7, 2011

Goodbye Hualtulco, mole, crickets, and more.......

Oh Huatulco. We are taking many memories of you with us. From our inland trip to Oaxaca, to the time we spent in your beautiful coves and lovely beaches....and yes even the memories of the cricket tasting.....I passed on this, as you probably guessed. Patrick sat this one out too.... while Jack and Steve went for it. Fried crickets are a delicacy in these parts, served on a chip with mole, cheese, and a touch of salsa. (yuck!) Jacks face says it all! I was shocked he didn't run for the nearest trash can and that he actually got them down the hatch!

Jack is still inspired by our visit to the famous animal carver/painter, Jacobo. He added some color to his carved iguana, featured in this post. I wonder now if he would have asked to carve a cricket instead.....eating a cricket will be one of the first things he will tell his friends about when he is reunited with them I will bet.

After stopping for a couple of days at La India, to enjoy a huge empty beach, with fantastic snorkeling, clear warm water, and a nice shady spot to lay my mat, we are now underway once again. This is a 70 hour passage, give or take, which nets me 3 sunrises and 3 sunsets since I have the 4 to 8 shift. ( lucky me!) It is great to have extra help with watches, especially a 3 day-er. With Steve on board our shifts are 4 on 8 off. The seas are a bit bumpy as we are heading upwind, but the winds are light at 10 to 12 knots, so it is not a bad ride. We feel good about our choice to revisit the coast of Mexico and our plan to head into the Sea of Cortez. We passed it by on our way down, and it sounds like our kind of place. Lots of marine life, empty beaches, gorgeous sunsets, great hiking, and snorkeling. The best time to be there is spring to early summer, so we are right on schedule. Thinking now we must have been half crazy to consider leaving such great cruising grounds. So here we are, back tracking into bliss. We will revisit a few of our favorite places, and favorite people we met as we head north into the Sea of Cortez. Thats the plan in this moment and it is all good!

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  1. Am loving these pictures especially the one of you and Jack - your faces show the immense love you have for each other and it is so beautiful, it makes me cry!

    Can't believe Jack tried a deep fried cricket!! Typical boy, give him a dare and he jumps at the chance to prove he's tough ;) Remember the man-off w/Blake and Eric in Akumal? That was a fun and funny evening that I will never forget~it's the people and places, Tam, you are right on the money with that one.

    Missing you as always but loving what your dream looks and feels like...Love you