Sunday, February 13, 2011

Santiago = Sweet

The passage from Z-Town was a rough one - with 20 knots of wind and mixed swells all night long. Going upwind is not as much fun as going down wind. None of us slept very good on the 32 hour passage. But now here we are in beautiful Santiago...with other kids boats!!!!!! Jack is a happy guy, and we feel so good about our decision to stay in Mexico. Jack had a sleep over with Harrison from s/v Watcha Gonna Do, and his new friend Drake from s/v Blue Sky. Drake and his family are headed back to California after sailing around the world for the past 6 years. They have lots of interesting tales to tell, and we are really enjoying hearing about their travels. Our friends on Watcha Gonna Do are considering crossing to the south pacific in March (and have planted that small seed of possibility in us) or they may head our way to the Sea of Cortez with Blue Sky. It is so great to have other families to cruise with ( Lisa Kay - if you are reading is not to late to change your mind and meet up with us North!) We have met many folks who have told us not to miss the Sea of Cortez, so we are some what solid on our course North now, but as the saying goes... A sailors plans are always etched in sand at low tide.


  1. As always I enjoy seeing your pictures! Looks like great times!

  2. So great to see Jack w/some buddies! Glad you are there safely - looks like heaven on earth, girl...xoxo thinking about you on this day of LOVE!!

  3. AWESOME!!! So happy that you are all safe and sound...looks like you are living the LIFE some of us only dream about!!

    Think about you everyday...