Thursday, February 24, 2011

La Cruz and Reality

We are now in a beautiful marina in La Cruz, with lots and lots of families cruising and walking the walk we are walking. It is great to be connected to other families, which is our number one reason for staying in Mexico. Jack is having the time of his life. We took him surfing today in Sayulita, and had a great day. There were horses dancing down town all day long, which was a sight to see. I never knew horses could dance....but they were.....only in Mexico.

Now on to the matter at hand. Reality. First - thank you all so much for the love and support over the last blog post. We hit a low and I blogged about it. Worry not my friends, all will be as it should. I trust in the flow of life. I was hesitant in putting our struggles out there for all to see, but I want to keep this experience real and not like some TV commercial. For the most part, we are really and truly enjoying our time out here on the high seas. But, as all of us who are married or in a relationship know, you go through ups and downs, growth periods, highs and lows...... Well, it is no different being on a boat, even while living in beautiful surroundings. Perhaps it is even harder on a boat, because there is no place to hide, or run from issues, and even find a corner to be alone in. Patrick and I will muddle thru this. We have a deep connection, and care about one another at the basic core of our beings. I am hopeful we will get it together and be the couple I believe we can be..... that I insist we become. I love and miss you, my friends. And especially my Neighborhood Yoga family....where I could sweat, cry, and laugh at life. I seriously miss sharing the best part of me with you.

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  1. La Cruz was, for us, the perfect Mexican coastal town. Lots of friendly locals living right in the town, active cruising and expat community, tons of places to visit a cheap bus-ride away. No resorts or cruise ships. Great music scene, too. Enjoy yourselves... so happy to hear Jack has caught up with all the kid-boats!