Monday, February 21, 2011

Tamarindo, Careyes, and life

Here are several photos from our recent locations. Now.....time to catch you up to speed. A lot can happen in a week, and that has been the case out here on the high seas. We spent three days anchored off a beach in Tamarindo, which is a life style of the rich and famous kind of place. The resort was nearly empty, and it felt like our own private island / pool area. The food and Tamarindo margaritas were amazing. We frolicked with our friends on Watcha Gonna Do, and ran into another kid boat, Perfect Wave, who we met coming down with the Baja Ha Ha. On day three in paradise a terrible red tide moved in, along with a bunch of jelly fish, so it was time to change locations. We headed to another anchorage 2 hours north, that took my breath away, Careyes. No red tide here, but tons and tons of jelly fish, so it prompted us to make our way pool side at the resort for the day. It was a beautiful place, but if you go, skip the restaurant. It was insanely expensive and the worst food we have had since arriving in Mexico.

Now onto life. Lets see....this past week has been....well hard is a word that fits well. I have heard from many cruisers that it takes a year to really adjust to the challenges this life style dishes up. It is also a make or break relationship venture. Living side by side in less then 400 square feet 24/7 can rattle even the most solid relationships. In this is rattling us. A few days ago I even purchased a plane ticket for Jack and I to head back home, canceled it the next day, realizing that taking this experience away from Jack would be very selfish on my part. Patrick was going to continue on without us, which tells you he is on the same page as me. He didn't try to stop me from leaving, which confirmed for me, that our issues are as real as they feel. Our brother in law Steve is still with us, so he has been witness to all the drama. Lucky him. A good friend, (name with held due to dirty laundry privacy) was in a similar funk, hers related more to the lack of food since she was on a 10 day fast, which cleanses the body, and forces you to cleanse the relationship too. She and her husband had us laughing about it all, and it felt good to know we were not the only miserable couple out there. So......after 4 Tamarindo margaritas, I divorced Patrick. Not legally, so calm down, but in my heart. I am insisting we work on our issues, and get back to a happy place. I would like us to renew our vows and re- marry one another.....if we can get to that place........We will have a wedding and the whole nine yards, and you will all be invited! Living on a boat is awesome. We are so lucky to be able to do this...... I just want to be in love again. Is that to much to hope for? To dream of? Jack is thriving in this environment. He has no fear of Jelly fish, or any sea critters for that matter....see photos of him holding them in this blog. So we are growing. We are evolving, shifting and changing. We are being forced to work out our issues.

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  1. Growing, evolving, and shifting can sometimes be scary and painful, but knowing it is the flow of life, the tide of life that never ends...we can somehow ride this wave, and then the next, and so on. My heart is with the two of you and I am hopeful that you can find your way back. We dearly love you both and your family and wish you the best as you investigate how to rediscover the love that brought you together...Om Shanti ~ Lara & Eric xoxo