Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

As thought, it has been a busy week here in PV. Lisa and Larry have been great giving us the low down on what has become their home. It will be hard for them to leave this place after being here for 7 months. They have met many sweet people, and I know they will be missed dearly by the community here. Selfishly, I am so glad they waited for us. It is great to have a girlfriend to hang out with again! Jack and Ben have picked up right where they left off and spend the day fishing, and hanging out. In these photos there is one of Jack and his fishing friend Tommy, who also happens to be the keyboard player in that little well known band - Santana!!! He is a very nice man, and has taught Ben and Jack so much about fishing. He lives here when he is not touring with the band. Also pics posted show where we spent Thanksgiving, high in the Sierra Madres mountains in a town called San Sebastian. It was another old town, established in 1605, and of course, had another amazing church which was built around this time. I love the sign posted outside - and think we should all drive ourselves with respect no matter where we are! The Hacienda where we feasted on a traditional Thanksgiving meal, was built 170 years ago, and had no electricity. It was breath taking being on this land. When the band came walking out of nowhere to play for us, it was a moment to remember. I spent much of the day with the water works flowing - missing my boys and sister, and family so much. This being the first holiday with my dad gone also added to the mixed emotions that surfaced throughout the day. While I love this experience, and I am so grateful for this opportunity, there is a saying - there is no place like home. For me, home can be anywhere, as long as my family and friends are around. So while we are living a dream, there are times when I am so homesick it hurts. I am just allowing it all to surface, and to feel it, and not hide or run from any emotion. In Yoga, we are taught to be with what arises, not to cling to it, but to let in move thru us. I have been clinging a bit......too much, and have now moved into a space of acceptance, once again. ( oh it is hard to be human sometimes) We leave here tomorrow and head further south. I am always happy to leave a Marina, and look forward to being anchored again. For whatever reason, things seem to flow better for us when we are away from the city, and the fast paced life in these bigger places. They do serve a great deal of purpose tho - like great places to eat, Costco - which for the record for any friends following along on our blog who are headed out soon - you can find just about everything in Mexico, so no need to go crazy on the US provisions. But things are a lot more expensive - so if you want to save some money - then stock up.
P.S. The Margarita glasses were not photo shopped!

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  1. "Simply by sailing in a new direction, you could enlarge the world." Allen Curnow

    I've had this quote on my wall for years; now it has come true.