Sunday, November 14, 2010

Underway - Mazatlan to Isla Isabela

We departed Matzalan at 10pm to make a 13 hour crossing to Isla Isabela, wanting to arrive in daylight since this is an unfamiliar anchorage for us. It is 3:30 am, and I am on the 3 to 8 watch. Steve flew back to Idaho Falls, so it is just the three of us now, which calls for 5 hour watches since Jack isn't up for the task just yet. Isla Isabela is an island 89 nautical miles off the coast of Mazatlan. The whole island has been a national ecological preserve for 20 years. The hiking and snorkeling should be fantastic. After traveling down the coast with 600 people, followed by a noisy stay in the very populated Cabo marina, to crossing the Sea of Cortez landing in the Marina El Cid in Mazatlan, I am beyond ready for some peace and nature at anchor. Our stay in Mazatlan was short. This is a city we will explore again on our return trip when we reverse our steps and head back to California in two years. We are speeding along a bit because we are meeting our friends in PV, then making our way to Ixtapa where we will spend Christmas. I booked Alex and Blakes tickets and I am already counting down the days until I have all my boys with me.
So what it is like on watch in the middle of the night? It was so scary for me at first, because you really can not see a thing, other then the billion stars in the sky. We have a radar screen that points out fishing boats, but other then that, it is dark in all directions and the sky is spectacular. Lots of falling stars. I really get the fact that I am not in control when I am on watch..... which is where the fear comes in. So I sit back and trust. Trust that we are going to be ok. And if we hit a sleeping whale and have to deploy our life raft, so be it. I am not in control, and it is ok. Trust Trust Trust .That's my mantra in this moment, and I am sticking with it.

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