Thursday, November 4, 2010

A post about my Dad - Cabo San Lucas

These photos were taken just 3 months ago, when Jack and I took a trip to my home town, Madison Wisconsin in August prior to us setting sail. And now he is gone.......I found out about his passing once we finally got our sail mail up and running. The words, Dads funeral, jumped off the screen and sent me into this dark space I am trying to navigate thru. I have much to fill you in on and many photos to share once I get past this time. I just want to let you know we are OK. The water is a beautiful blue and warm warm warm, like a bath. We will be in Cabo until the 6th, then on to La Paz.


  1. Oh Tammy, my heart is breaking for you and I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Father. I am relieved to hear that you are all safe and I am grateful for your trip home before you left. My heart is with you and I am holding you tightly in a big you, Lara xoxo

  2. Down here in Madison tonight thinking about your dad... I had the great fortune to be able to have a phone call from him 3 weeks ago. We spoke for 40 minutes. Man I miss him! I can't even put into words on what Uncle Ron meant to me. He helped me in a time in my life where I needed some direction and a stable infuence. He was there for me.

    Out to dinner tonight with his brother and sharing some great Ron stories! He will be extremely missed.

    My prayers are with you T as you say your farewells.

    God Speed.