Thursday, November 18, 2010


I woke up today, and it was chilly! By chilly, I mean I had to put on a long sleeve shirt and shorts, and not a swim suit. That lasted until 9am, then it was time to change Into a suit. The chill in the air reminded me that the holidays are coming. I have not given any thought to Thanksgiving. By now I would have my shopping list made out and menu planned. Not sure what we will be doing for Thanksgiving yet, but I do have some butternut squash that is still looking good from Whole Foods Market. It is nice to be removed from the commercialism of the Holidays. No television, no malls, no toys-r-us, is actually great. It is great for Jack too. He has been using his imagination a lot. I could listen to his play for hours on end. It is not something he did much of back at home with all the distractions of video games and television. Or maybe he did, and I was just to busy to notice. It is nice to not be so busy anymore.

Ahhhhh Chacala. Another sweet spot that I could plant myself in for awhile. The beach was fantastic, and the yoga/holistic resort at the end of the beach, , was amazing. I didn't take a class here, since I am really loving practicing on my own these days, but we did take a stroll thru it, and got the Info on holding a retreat here. Anyone up for that? On our return trip back this way I am seriously considering putting one together for my students and friends, so stay tuned. Our boat will be at anchor In the bay, so it will include some day sails! If you are interested, let me know... You can e mail me at and I will add you to the interest/dream list. Not sure about pricing, or timing, but it would be at least a week long retreat probably in the late spring of 2012. Oh how I would love to share a week here with you!!! That is the only thing missing from this trip, all the people I love and miss terribly.

We are still catching lots of fish. Now my favorite is the Tuna. A close second is the Wahoo. There is nothing like fresh fish. It will be hard to go back to the states and eat anything from behind a glass store front. We are soaking it all up, taking and drinking it all in, knowing that our time is limited. I read a quote last night from a book by Ohso,

"Many people come, looking, looking, looking. Few people come and see."

I am seeing, and life is good. This goodness, this amazement, is right here. Always has been, always will be. We just need to slow down and be still.....and see, and turn off the television!!!!! Beauty surrounds all of us each and everyday. You don't have to be on a boat anchored off a palm tree beach (although this does help!) to feel what I am feeling, or to see what I am seeing. Just stop looking.

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  1. Ahhhhh....the beauty of Mexico is like none other! I am in love w/your visions of these new lands you are discovering - I am soooooo wanting to join you for a yoga retreat!! Let me know as the details unfold ~ want to join you at some point on this journey! Your pictures are so beautiful, Tammy, and I am at peace knowing you nice to be removed from the commercialism of these have transported me back to last year - thank you! xoxo <3

  2. Jack has already grown up some more by the look of his picture - loving his new hair cut and his big dimply grin ~ what a lucky boy!! :)