Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Mazatlan has been a short sweet stop. These photos show a church built in the 1860's. It was breath taking. Also included here are some pics with a few pool side Iguana friends who had no fear of humans. Steve departs tomorrow, and we will be solo from here until any welcomed crew comes and joins us. We will leave Mazatlan tomorrow as well and make our way south. While I love what being docked in a marina offers, ( unlimited water and power and easy trash drop off, internet, as well as easy provisioning) I am looking forward to being anchored at sea again. From here we will slowly make our way to Puerto Vallarta where we will be reunited with our friends who have been waiting for us for a year on the sailing vessel THE LISA KAY - Lisa, Larry, and Ben, who is one year older then Jack. We are so close....I can hardly wait to see them again. We will "buddy boat" with them further south into Costa Rica, and from there store the boat and take a land trip to Bali together. That is the plan any ways. But as with everything - there is a saying that lerks in the back of my mind, especailly while being at the seas mercy - "MAN MAKES HIS PLANS WHILE THE GODS LAUGH". So far the gods have been good while we have traveled over a 1000 miles on the sea. May they continue to bless our journey and keep us safe.


  1. Well, you guys are making tracks! We'll have left for Barra just before you arrive here, but look forward to meeting up with you in Tenacatita or Barra de Navidad!

  2. Hi beautiful!! What a gorgeous church! I am green w/envy as I gaze at your toes in the sun on a lounge chair!! Just think, a year ago at this time we were planning our Akumal Thanksgiving!! What a fun trip that was and the memories even better :) Where will you be for Thanksgiving? Puerto Vallarta? Our love and prayers w/all of you as you cross the mighty ocean - be safe and may the Gods shine down upon Santosha! xoxo