Saturday, November 20, 2010

La Paz

This photo of Jack perfectly captures our experience so far. Life is now at a slow sweet pace. We are anchored outside of the Marina at La Cruz. And to make everything even sweeter, we have met up with our sailing friends who have been waiting for us for a year, Lisa, Larry and Ben. They drove down from Puerto Vallarta and met us for lunch and dinner! It is so great to see them again. They even took Jack back to their boat to have a sleep over with Ben. Today we are on our way to join them in Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta. We will spend the next week gearing up for our trip further south, with the Lisa Kay joining us from here on out. They have the run down on PV and have many cool finds to show us, so I am sure it will be an action packed week.


  1. As I sit here looking at the blizzard outside my window, I wonder what I'm doing here. Sounds like things are as good as you have hoped and wished for. Hopefully, we will be able to rejoin you at some point.


  2. So happy you have reunited with your friends and yes, Jack's happy grin tells me he is also experiencing the bliss you are in :)

    Continue to enjoy each moment as you move through an experience of a lifetime!

    Love you soul sista,