Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The passage from PV to Tenacatita was uneventful. We left PV at 4pm and arrived here the following day at 1pm. It was great to be under the star filled sky again, with the sound of rushing water all around. We motor sailed most of the way, The winds were light, and it was a plesant passage. We are now anchored off a empty beach, with a family of dolphins who live here and like to rub on our anchor chain all day long. It feels good to get on the paddle board again, and practice yoga on the beach. I enjoyed our stay in PV, but it was a lot of doing and not much being, so this week, I plan to perfect the art of doing nothing as we spend our time in this quiet beautiful anchorage. Jack is doing better with homeschooling now that he has a friend waiting for him to finish up. Just the motivation he needs! He enjoys driving his dinghy and loves playing in the surf. We set up our volley ball net on the beach yesterday and had a good 3 on 3 match. Today we will check out a good snorkel spot around the point, and take a ride through the mangroves in search of Croc's and other wildlife rumored to be here. The dolphins just showed up again as the sun is starting to rise. Just another day in paradise.


  1. Oh boy, do you guys look happy!! Did you attempt the cruise up the mangrove channel yet?

  2. This place looks like heaven!! So glad you have pals to hang out with and that you all look so happy!

    Miss you much,

    Love and hugs :)


  3. The dolphin with the "notch" out of his dorsal fin is "Nacho"! We have seen in him that bay since 1998! I kayaked (well he swam...) with him a couple of years ago.

  4. Your journey is inspiring me to ask the question, "what would living freely look like for me?" As always, thank you for supporting me in exploring the meaningful!