Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Baja Ha Ha....let the games begin

Our crew arrived safe on Friday and we have been working our tail ends off doing last minute boat work and provisioning. We are so thankful Patricks sister is here and her awesome husband Steve. We did take time out for some fun at the Baja Ha Ha costume party and met up with the group we will be traveling with tomorrow morning. There were a lot of kids - Jacks age even, so we are ready for the work to end and the fun to begin. There were prizes given out to the best costume is several categories. Jack ran up against a baby lobster in a pot that stole the prize. Maureen nudged me into the wench category, and I embarrassed myself to win an awesome set of binoculars so it was totally worth it! So this time tomorrow we will be in Mexican waters. I am unplugging myself officially after this post, until we get to Cabo San Lucas in 10 days. Thanks for following us and we will catch up with you south of the boarder.

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  1. Congratulations on getting underway you guys! It's a long lead-up, isn't it? And it sounds like you're having a bit of weather coming down Baja... but so worth it. Look forward to meeting up with you down the coast aways as we all make our way south !!!