Thursday, October 7, 2010

Would you like some cheese with that wine?

OK, you get to be the cheese and I get to be the wine. Life on a boat is not easy. It is not all sunsets and sunrises. Living in a very small space with two other beings is a challenge. We are always negotiating space between one another. Waiting for one person to pass so the other can move forward. The space is so small that you can hear the other person think even. And now on to the daily tasks of laundry, taking out the trash, cooking in a confined area, storing food, finding the food that you stored, taking a shower, the toilet( I will spare you the details, other then saying we are our own sewage plant). The tasks of daily life have become a challenge. They take more time, and more effort. Homeschooling adds added pressure, that I know I am creating probably. I worry that Jack may be far behind his peers when we return. Yes, cheese, what he will experience on this journey will be greater then anything he could learn in a class room. But our school system, which he will return to, doesn't measure his intelligence in this way. So, I worry that what we are teaching him won't be enough. Time for a sip, or a gulp. School has stressed me out. I have forgotten about the vows Jack and I took before we opened his Calvert box, and trust me, Jack has too. This program has us both on the edge. Teaching is hard, really really hard. Learning is too. So just when I needed it, Divine intervention showed up. After a yoga class I took today, while seated, the teacher asked us to change our view on all the things we needed to do today. To approach everything we do from a place of gratitude. For example, rather then saying, I HAVE to do laundry, say, I GET to do laundry. I am LUCKY I have clothing to wash, I HAVE to go the the market, I GET to buy food. I am LUCKY I have money to buy food, I HAVE to clean my house (in this case boat) I GET to clean my boat. I am LUCKY to have a boat, (or a roof over your head) I am LUCKY to have the opportunity to travel the world, spend time with my husband and son Jack, and experience things most people only dream about doing. I am lucky, oh so lucky. So back into check I am. Back into the graces of gratitude. Back into the place of trusting that Jack will learn, and thrive. I am lucky to have this time with him, to guide him, and teach him. I have had enough wine.


  1. I'll be your chesse anytime! Jack's a great kid and I know he'll do well when he returns. Tim really misses him. Feel free to e-mail anytime you want to know what's going on in Tim's class. Living through you right now!


  2. Thanks Beth. So great to hear from you. Tell Tim that Jack misses him too. Stay in touch! Xxoo

  3. Tammy, I was reading your Blog-so inspiring. I cut and paste items that I find motivational and send them to family, friends, my wife, :)--wish you all the best on your journey. It has been many years since our shared experiences at Kentucky Fried Chicken--glad to see you well!