Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life at the dock - San Diego

We are settled into another new routine, in another new environment. I personally am counting down the days until we are anchored off a quiet beach again. The good thing is, which I TRY to stay focused on ( just between us, I have had a few melt downs since arriving in San Diego. More on that another time) is that everything one could imagine is available. For example, I was craving Ethiopian food last night, and BAM, went on the Internet, found a place, and off we went. We live in the land of abundance. My observation so far on this journey is that all this excess somehow manages to disconnect us from our self and one another. I know I will miss a lot of THINGS that make life easy, but the trade off will be a deeper connection, a simplicity that arises from living in a simple way. I got a sample of it when we were in Catalina for two weeks. Photos posted in this blog, down town San Diego, Sunset from our cockpit, Jack that he just picks up a book now! And hoping this is the only photo you will see of our life raft. We had it inspected and reloaded with food, flares, and all the necessity's should we have to abandon ship.


  1. Found your blog ~ thanks for letting me know you had one Patrick. Noticed your boat was gone ~ congrats on cutting the docklines! I agree with all the abundance here and as scary at it gets leaving it definitely gets better out there away from it all! Good luck on the trip down ~ enjoy :)

  2. Wow! Ethiopian food in San Diego, cant wait to see if you order a hambuger in Africa :) Just kidding, beats McDonalds!