Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catalina transition to San Diego

We had such a great time during our two week stay on the island of Catalina. Jack fished and caught lots of Halfmoon fish, which tasted soooooo good. There is nothing better then freshly caught fish. The following photos are of Avalon. I could not stop taking pictures of the sky. The array of color was spectacular. I must have over 100 photos of the daily sunsets/sunrises that blew me away.
We arrived in San Diego yesterday. The 13 hour crossing went very well. Once agin, smooth seas and calm seas. We saw several Grey Whales, two HUGE sun fish, and lots of Dolphins. We are at the Cabrillo Marina, which is very nice. It is great to have unlimited hot water again. The trade off is that the ocean water here is murky brown, so no water action unless we head to the nearby beach. We have full use of the Shearton Hotel pool, which looks very nice, free internet accesss, and even cable, which I have not mentioned to Jack yet. I do not even miss television, and It is good to see Jack pick up a book on his own, without me telling him it's time to read! So that cat may stay in the bag. Patrick is on his way to pick up a rental car so we can begin to explore this city. I found a near by Yoga Studio already that I may see if I can sub a class or two while we are here for three weeks. Stop by and say hello if you find yourself in San Diego. We are here until the 25th.

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  1. Glad you guys are safe and sound in San Diego! There is a farmers market in different places everyday! We loved visiting Ocean Beach (great farmers market too. After talking to some of the local farmers I took Ben for a day to work on an organic farm. That was school that day. The Midway tour was great also. I loved the Core Power Yoga classes also! Enjoy! XXOO Lisa (Enjoy your last views of the military/coast guard will soon be your last!)