Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alex and Blake visit us in San Diego

And I was one happy Mom. We had an action packed weekend. From touring the Midway, to getting the ba-Jesus scared out of us at the Haunted Hotel in the Gas Lamp District. We managed to find time to put Alex to work as he lifted Patrick up the mast to change a bulb. Jack watched as Alex held Patricks life on a rope wrapped around a wench. It was so good to have all my boys around. Jack was in pure heaven too. Saying goodbye today was hard. Tears were flowing on my end, knowing I wont see them until the Holidays. They will fly into Ixtapa for Christmas, and we will have a warm tropical reunion. Two months will be the longest on record that we will be apart as a family. They are growing up and I need to let my baby birds fly out of the nest I suppose at some point. This trip will give them no choice but to spread their wings and fly. And fly they will. I am a lucky Mom to have three amazing boys, who have big kind hearts. I will miss them.


  1. God how I love all of you - you all look so happy together!! You are in my heart and soul each and every day :) xoxo

  2. Had a couple of minutes and caught up with your adventure. I'll pass this onto Tina. We go this weekend to visit Sean at Cal Poly and see a football game. She's looking forward to seeing him since its been 7 weeks. I've taken over his bedroom for my office after painting and renovating it. Now its a much more mature looking room, befitting a college age student to throw their clothes on the floor when he's home.

    Patrick: Just 13 more days until we take a step in the right direction. ( sorry Tammy)

    Keep up the blogging. Great pictures too.