Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Underway: Las Hada to Ixtapa

I am sitting here under a star filled sky on watch. It is 3am and I have one more hour until I can crawl into bed and sleep! We are 5 miles off shore and have 10 knots of wind on our back, cruising along at 6 knots. We heard this passage is rumored to have drug runners and lots of long lines ( fishing lines you can't see that make a mess of your prop ) So far, we have not witnessed the above, thankfully. I have always felt very safe here in Mexico, but the awareness that the drug cartel are close by does make me nervous and begs the this trip worth the risk? As I sit here with the warm air blowing through my hair, under a ga-zillion stars above me, I would have to say yes. In reality, I would have a better chance of getting in a fatal car crash back home, then getting gunned down by the drug cartel. Perspective is a good thing. Fear on the other hand, not so useful. Fear is what holds us back in so many ways, and prevents most people from living their dream, and most importantly, from living an authentic life . By this I mean we are taught from a young age to do as we are told . To say yes when we really mean no, out of fear of what others may think, or say. For one week, write down how many times you say yes, when you really mean no, and you will see what I mean. Playing it safe will get you no where. Walking into the fire, or navigating through drug cartel waters, will make you realize how silly fear is, and how in this moment there is nothing but beauty and glorious opportunity all around waiting for you to participate in the magnificent life you were born to live.

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  1. Deep thoughts at 3 a.m.!! Amen, sista, Amen to every word you said!!! My intent is to live fearlessly in 2011 and will read this blog over and over until it becomes a mantra!!

    Love you and miss you beautiful,

    Lara xoxo