Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tenacatita Continued......

Today we crossed the bay and anchored off the town of Tenacatita. We took a panga to shore and our sweet panga driver, Jaun, didn't speak english, and we didn't speak spanish yet he managed to be our tour guide for the day. Juan immediately took us to see the Croc's that live here. This is not the zoo people - they are in their home in the lagoon that runs thru this town. They were so amazing, and also very active, unlike the croc's we see at the Zoo....... makes me wonder if the Crocs we see are highly medicated or very depressed....... Afterwards Juan took us by panga around the corner to Tamarindo where we had fish tacos, in a setting I can not even descibe in words. This is a 5 star resort, that I hope to revisit by land one day and stay in one of the private Villas.....hey a girl can dream.... Jack and Ben enjoyed a dip in the pool, and swam out to a water trampoline which left us parents with a few moments of peace. I had a quick siesta in a hammock while waiting for Juan to pick us up and bring us back to our boats. The last photo shows us at Anchor with the Lisa Kay right by our side. It is good to buddy boat with another family. Just in case you out of gas while dinghying thru a mangrove, and then pop your dinghy on some rocks on the way out, which totally deflated in a matter of seconds. Lucky for us we were close to shore and in knee high water, so we made it without any casualties, other the our dinghy who is now in need of some serious patch work. Yes, just another day in the life of a sailing family. It is always an adventure!

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  1. Amazing ~ all of it!!! What an awesome experience for Jack and for all of you to witness these crocs in their natural environment. Sorry about the dinghy, hope the repair isn't too hard to do...

    Love you much,

    Lara xoxo