Sunday, September 5, 2010


Adjusting to the fog, the slow slow Internet, ( can't post any photo's at this time with this connection) and life on a boat. So far so good. No TV - which has not been a problem since we watched very little on land. Two years with no TV. Anyone up for the challenge of that???? It is actually frees up time for more worth while activities. We are getting into a familiar routine and I finally went for an early am run into the harbor then made my way onto the beach. Saluted the sun in the fog with a few salutations - and guess what? The sun came peaking through the fog, and it ended up being a beautiful sunny day. After four days of no sun at all It was a magical moment. Today is another story, socked in once again......Inland temps have been in the high 90's/100's - here in the Ventura Marina, 50's/60's. I drove into magical Ojai the other day with my good good great friend Lara, and I just wanted to sit on a rock like a lizard and bake myself red in the sun.

Many friends have dropped by to wish us well, and to say so long. Feeling very blessed by all the love that we will be taking with us. Our target date for departure is Saturday the 11th - early am. Feeling ready to head out of the fog and into the wind.....and into a new way of being.