Monday, September 13, 2010

The sun is out!!!!! The sun is out!!!!!!!

There is nothing better then being on a boat, when the sun is out! My herbs are happy and so am I. Still here in the Ventura Harbor. Patrick has been working on our taxes and getting us financially ready to leave the US for two years. It is taking longer then expected, but we do plan and hope to leave - for real this time - on Friday. Jack and I have been keeping busy while Patrick is busy taxing away. We ride our fold up mountain bikes daily as part of our PE class. I have gotten into a nice routine of waking up, going for a run on the beach, a yoga practice of Yin and Yang., usually before Jack even wakes up. From there - school and errands take up most of the day. Walking into the harbor for ice cream in between English and Science is a usual event as well. Alex and Blake have both come by for sleep overs with their little brother, and Jack is always so happy to see them. He will miss them, more then I think he knows at this point. Life has become very sweet and slow paced already. Next post will be from Catalina, I am ready to cut the dock lines and go!