Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lisa, Larry & Ben

Thought I would introduce you to the Anderson Family, since you will soon be seeing many photos of them on this blog. They left California last December and are waiting for us in to join them in Mexico. Their son Ben is one year older then Jack. It will be nice to have another family to cruise with. One misconception, when I tell people we are sailing with our son Jack for two years, is that it will just be the three of us out their floating on the water .....kinda like the Shinning with Jack Nickelson........ And yes, there may be moments....but there is a large community of families sailing, so we will not be alone. One reason we choose to join the Baja Ha- Ha ( the sail boat rally - which has close to 160 entries already!) is to connect with other people. After all, it's not just the experience of traveling and living on a boat for two years - it's the people we will meet along the way that will make this trip memorable. People like Lisa, Larry, and Ben.