Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving on

We arrived in Avalon today. Wondering why we left the sweet cove at Howlands Landing........ It was a great launch into our new way of life. Jack met a boy his age, Tommy, who lives on the island. His Parents Tom and Holly, manage the camp in this beautiful cove. They made us feel very at home in their back yard. The weather could not have been better - as well as the new friends we made. Sailors make friends quick, and the bonds last a life time. I know when we return to Howlands Landing one day, Jack and Tommy will pick up right where they left off, as we will with his parents.

Living on the water - the sunsets have been amazing, as well as the sun rises these past few days. The heat wave that swept through southern California was icing on the cake for us. It gave us a taste of what the tropics will be like - minus the bugs. The warm air at nights blew through our windows, and living in a swim suit for days on end was pure heaven. Not sure if we will be able to beat these last few days. On a perfect scale of of 1 - 10, we would rate this past week a 50. The internet connection we have wont let me load any photos, so once we get to San Diego next week I will post a few.

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