Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One week later

One week of living on the boat, and another foggy day here in the Ventura Harbor. Makes me really appreciate the sun when it comes out. I know soon enough the sun will be baking our decks on a daily basis once we hit the tropics, so I am trying to enjoy this gloom. Can hardly wait to live in a swim suit 24/7. Life has come to a very slow pace now that all the provisions are tucked away, and the work is done. Found a place to lay my mat and practice yoga. The view is nice, and the ocean air/prana is fantastic. Today, Jack and I finished our first day of "school", and we had a lot of fun. Jack said I am going to be a good teacher - he was shocked when I told him it was time for art class - and he asked if we could have art everyday - of course we can! I even managed to upload a few pic's, and will help Jack post a few on his blog too. Everything is falling into place so beautifully.