Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A sweet poem - Santa Rosalia - By Jack Patrick Finnerty

For school yesterday, Jack was instructed to write a poem using similes, and metaphors. Here is what he wrote:

I am in Mexico on my boat Santosha
The sky is as gray as ash in a fireplace
The wind groans like an angry monkey
The gypsum dust is like a new piece of dry wall covering our boat
The buildings are as old as rain water from the prehistoric age
The fender is smashed like a pancake against the dock
The old mines are as abandoned as the buildings around it
The Pelicans are fishing like men in a panga
And I am like a poet writing a poem

Thank you Jack, for making me laugh every day.

P.S. The winds have stopped and we are on our way to play in the beautiful sea again!

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  1. Nice poem, Jack, he makes me laugh too ~ think he got the whole simile and metaphor thing down pat, Mom!! lol!!

    Hanging out with Monica, Jessica, and others as we descend on Conejo Valley Days tomorrow night. First celebrating Cinco de Mayo with dinner/drinks and then off to the fair to listen to Bella Donna, the Stevie Nicks tribute band - gonna be a blast!!! Wish u were here to dance and sing and pretend to be a carnie!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    xoxo Lara