Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A tribute to the Sea Star...and a new divers first impressions

In my humble opinion, the Sea Star is the most beautiful of all the sea critters I have encountered. I took these shots while I was snorkeling one day. Now that I am a "Diver" I have the opportunity to hold these beautiful creatures in my hands. Mother Nature really let her creative juices flow down under. The fish and fauna host spectacular rays of color and shapes. Diving really is like being on another planet. Snorkeling just gives you a little hint and a sneak peak at things. Once you enter the depths of the sea, the vivid colors and life forms hiding in the smallest of places come out to meet you.....eye to eye. I can clearly see why Jack is so animated after each dive he has returned from. I get the big picture now, and I am loving this new world under the waves. Jacks goal is to be a Dive Master by the end of our trip, which sums up to 50 dives, and a few more courses. I think he is well on his way, with MaMa diver right behind him now!


  1. NICE! I WANT to see this stuff to! We only get to see the ones who come up on the beach!

  2. Diving is like a walk in a beautiful park, or like flying in a dream. I'm so much more relaxed diving than snorkeling... I don't know why it is, but I breathe easier and more evenly when I'm diving. I feel more in control of my body as well. So glad you're enjoying it! It's the small stuff underwater that's fascinating, whole cities of tiny creatures about their daily business, that you can't appreciate from the surface. How did you get such perfect underwater photos???

  3. Fabulous photos!!! Maybe one day I will get up the courage to take a bigger look down under...enjoy your new passion, Tammy!!

    xoxo Hugs!