Sunday, May 1, 2011

Santa Rosalia

As I type this there are gail force winds blowing outside the good ship Santosha. We, thankfully, are tied safely to a dock here in Santa Rosalia. The wind has been blowing for two days now, and are forecasted to blow another day after this. These North Blows are not typical for this time of the year, and they have the sailing community a bit perplexed. The non stop howling wind is rocking and bumping us like a horse ride, even in the marina, and keeping us from the beautiful anchorages that are right across the way. Although, they would not be so beautiful in these we are happy to be in this small quaint 20 slip marina. We are able to step off onto the dock and walk into town without the fear of our anchor dragging.

Walking through this town is like taking a trip back in time. The French architecture, dating back to 1860, has been so well preserved. There is even a Mahatma Ghandi Public Library, which took me for a loop. We had just watched the movie, Ghandi, with Jack the night before we came to this town so I thought this was way too cool. The Bakery was established in 1901, and the whole town smells like fresh baked bread as you stroll through it. There are also plenty of good restaurants that have kept me out of the galley since our arrival.

We are always in need of fresh provisions when we pull into port, and unfortunately, this town is seriously lacking in that department. There is one produce stand, but the day I stopped by, everything looked rotten, or near rotten, so I grabbed a bag of oranges and called it good. It is hard to maintain a mostly plant based diet in the Sea of Cortez. Mainland Mexico was much better in that regard. But personally, I would, and I am, sacrificing a mostly green diet, for the places we have been. The fresh fish we have been eating has been awesome, so it is really not much of a sacrifice.......but I do dream of Whole Foods and my Thursday farmers market back at home still. My, once used daily for kale, spinach smoothies, Vita Mix now sits in a lonely corner gathering dust.

We have so much more to explore, and I am ready to roll on out of here with my bag of oranges, to get back at anchor, once these winds and seas calm down.

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  1. We didn't make it into Santa Rosalia ourselves, looks different! Although still with that dusty/sleepy Baja vibe. Hope your Northerlies abate soon!