Friday, April 15, 2011

Bahia Agua Verde to Loreto

Bahia Agua Verde is simply put....stunning. There are several beaches to explore, and fantastic snorkeling and kayaking. The only down side to this the killing field/fields we happened to stumble upon during our exploration. We found a small hammerhead skull, and Jack was thrilled, thinking it was a rare find. We walked a little further and were shocked at what we saw...... at least 100 or more heads of baby blue sharks, mako sharks, and hammer head sharks all over the place. Obviously from the local fishermen. We were not sure what they were using them for. Maybe bait....but it was a sad sight to see so many who have lost their life at very young ages. We left Bahia Agua Verde after only one night, once again in search of a safe weather harbor. The winds are coming from the north as I type this from Puerto Escondido, and I just clocked a 37 knot gust. These winds are not normal for this time of year we have been hearing from other cruisers. Hopefully this will be the last blow from the north and we can get on with it. We had to pass up many great spots due to weather so far. There are so many islands and places to lay down a hook and explore, that I am beggining to think it is impossible to see everything here in just one season. I have not spent much time in the desert before this, and I have to say that I love it. Really Really love it. I love how the ocean meets the desert and the color of the water from the white sand is the clearest most beautiful water these eyes have ever seen. I love exploring empty beaches and waking up and falling asleep to just the sound of the ocean waves. I love seeing free range cattle and goats and burrows just cruising around. I have never felt so free and open. To top it all off, the sun sets and sun rises stop me dead in my tracts every day.

We rented a car yesterday and drove to the town of Loreto. The only way to get there is by taxi, or rental car, which costs less. Or you could hitch hike.....which I was all for, but Patrick isn't feeling as free as I am yet......It is an adorable small town, with many beautiful buildings and home to the very very first mission. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for Jack to do a report on the mission, since I know his classmates back at home are doing the same right now in 4th grade. You can link to his blog to the right of here in a day or so when he finishes it up. He loves comments, ( and so do I!) so feel free to drop him a line or two. Afterwards we walked around town and found a market that carries many imported products. We picked up some brie cheese, really good butter, chocolate chips, wine...from California!! and pita chips. These are all things you can not find here.....very often, and when you do, well it just makes you happy happy happy. Jack and I baked chocolate chip cookies when we returned to Santosha, and it was heaven! Tomorrow some friends we met back in La Cruz on S/V Hanna Crew are picking us up and taking us hiking and back to their home in Loreto. They moved here...and I can understand why. Henry is Jacks age, and they really hit it off so Jack is very excited about seeing him again. Looks like the wind is starting to die down a bit...finally, so time to suit up and jump in.

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  1. Glorious pictures ~ such a beautiful area to explore - keep your amazing observations and musings coming!

    Love you - xoxo