Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Greatest Hike EVER with Hana Crew

There are days and moments in this cruising life that we will remember forever. Hiking with our friends Hana Crew (Doug, Ann, Chandler, and Henry) was one of these days/moments. We scaled walls, climbed boulders, swam through muck (serious green muck!) drank fresh spring water from the stream, figured out how to get from point A to point B even when it looked impossible, and connected with four friends as we hiked through the most amazing beautiful canyon. Unspoiled nature continues to astound me on this journey. Being surrounded by these hug walls of rocks was like being on another planet.

There are people that we have met who make the days and moments on this journey even more meaningful. Friendships are instant, and bonds are formed that will last forever. We hardly knew this family of four when we arrived in Puerto Escondido, and now I feel as if I have known them forever. Connection, real connection, to nature, and to the people we are meeting, has been so powerful and overwhelming. I am reminded that this is what life is all about. Friendship, Love, Helping one another unselfishly with no expectation, but just from the goodness of the heart. And this is what we experienced with this family. They invited us back to their beautiful home in Loreto for dinner, and the next day Ann took me to a great farmers market in town, and to a few other stores so I could provision for our next leg. They did all of this for us, without even knowing who we were. There is something about this cruising life that opens you up in such positive ways. You get out of the me me me me me state of being, and work together as a community out here at sea. Something that just does not happen where I am from at least. And I have a feeling it will be the one thing I will miss the most when this trip is over.

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