Friday, July 15, 2011

Better then a dream

I have wanted to travel to Bali for years.......not really knowing why, or what was pulling me to this corner of the world. Now that I am here, I understand. It is everything I had imagined it to be....and more. Temple after Temple.....offerings that the people leave each day...are left every where. It is the most spiritual place I have ever been. The Balinese belief in the forces of the invisible world motivates these offerings, that are created with the intention of thankfulness, and love. Their devotion is inspiring. The people laugh and smile....all of the time. The amazing, and really inexpensive, and the jungle/rice field landscape is breath taking. The only down side is that is is very crowded right now since it is high season.

To catch you up to speed.....we are staying in the village Sayan, which is walking distance to the city of Ubud. We rented a sweet little house, that is cared for by Wayan, and Nyoman.They made us feel so welcome, and have been a huge help. A few of the photos posted show the open air yoga studio on the bottom floor of the house, the swimming pool, and our home alter, which Jack and I have been placing an offering at each day.

On our first day here, we went to the Monkey forest in Ubud. The monkeys are everywhere, and come right up and take bananas out of your hand. The little ones will even sit on your lap if you let them. Jack was in heaven! This isn't a zoo people, they are not contained, but choose to live here......probably do to all the food they get for free! They could run the streets of Ubud if they wanted to. We visited several temples, which require a sarong and sash to enter. Jack was cute as can be in his green sarong, and is fully soaking up this new culture. He even had his first foot massage the other day, and wants another as soon as possible! Massages and reflexology are also really inexpensive. Getting to know money system (rupees) will take some time. 8500 rupees equals 1 US dollar, so price tags are in the hundred thousands to millions.

Today, July 16th is the most important holiday here, Kuningan, symbolizing the victory of Daharma (virtue) upon Adhama ( evil). Everyone dresses In their finest clothing, and the celebration lasts all day and all night. I am so grateful to be here for this! We will also be here for the kings mothers funeral in August. They are building a huge tower, that they will burn her body in. The photo of it being constructed is mixed in with this batch.

Today is also special for me, because my friend Jessica arrives for her week long visit with us. There is much to do and much to say, but right now we are headed out to witness these beautiful people celebrating Kuningan.

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