Friday, August 20, 2010

10 day count down - and things I know I will miss

WOW oh WOW. My head is spinning. Been provisioning the boat now for a week solid. Every little space is filled with the things I feel I can not live without, at least in this moment., and our water line is about at it's max. Spent an embarrassing amount of $$$$ @ Whole foods and Trader Joes. Which is now leading this monkey mind into what I will miss. Certainly this is not in order of priority, just things popping into my head as I type:

Whole foods & Trader Joes & my Thursday farmers market ( we have such an abundance of quality USDA food here in the US -I will miss the ease of nourishing the body)

Monday nights with Brian, and Tuesday/Thursday 6am with Camille ( two very special people who I will miss beyond words )

Alex and Blake ( wow - just typing their names is making me cry )

Girl Friday with Lara ( My Soul Sister) and the CRIB - OH how I will miss this annual event with the pack of yogi's.

M & M - I will miss seeing you, and laughing with you. I know we will phone and e-mail - maybe every day? Atleast every week! Holding hope that you will meet us on our journey Thank you for taking care of our home. You are the salt of the earth - the soul of the soul, and two of the most trusted, and dependable, and, well......the list goes on and on, people I have ever met.

April - I will miss you - and hope you come to Bali to see me - SERIOUSLY, so we can deepen our connection, and talk about this trip when we are in our 90"S.

My fantastic group of other girlfriends - you know who you are - and I am so grateful for each one of you.

NEIGHBORHOOD YOGA - I closed down the group classes a few months ago to gear up for this trip - I often think about each one of the students that I have been blessed to guide. I am holding them in my heart for eternity. They taught me that I can teach, and what I have to offer ( MY HEART - which has been mostly shielded from the world ) is safe to share, and of value.

My cats Summer and Winter. ( thank you my beautiful sister Shelley for always being there when I need you)

My closet and pantry and kitchen - life on a boat is a challenge. ( space is very very limited)

Amazon and - what can I say - I love to shop at home and have packages show up at my door.

While I will miss all of the above, in a way that makes my stomach hurt, I am a willing participant in leaving my wonderful life behind, in seach of......... myself, a deeper connection to truth and love, and a more simple life with out so much stuff. And then there is the ocean......which I cannot wait to call home.