Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kuta, Pemuteran, Fish Spa, and more....Bali continued

Fish is very popular on this side of the world. You place your feet in the tank and the little guys go to town eating off any dead skin they can gobble up. Jack decided to try it, and the sound of his laughter as he plunged his feet into the tank of these little flesh eaters was worth every penny. ( $12 for 20 minutes) After his treatment, he said his feet felt "minty", and they looked like he just had a well done pedicure.

We have been on the move these past few weeks, using our home in Sayan only as a base. It is no surprise we keep getting pulled towards the ocean. Jack and Patrick have been surfing up a storm in Kuta on the South side, and we ventured to the North side of the island to check out the diving in Pemuteran. We found it to be full of beautiful coral, but very few fish. There was a small fishing village next to the place we stayed, and the photos of their fishing vessels posted in this lot, show how brave these fisherman are. They go way off shore in these beauties made of bambo, and rope for the most part. Not sure what they are catching any more, but they net all they can. It is sad really. The state of our world ocean is in serious decline. We also saw this in the Sea of Cortez , and if these guys keep netting like they are, in 10 years time, there will be very few fish there as well. And then there are the Japanese Whale killers, Dolphin killers, Shark Fin soup folks, netting the heck out of every part of our world ocean they can bribe their way into - they were even in the Sea of Cortez for awhile until they finnally gave them the boot, and are here in the waters of Bali........ Ok - dont get me started.......

Deep Exhale.......

Any way........I have ( mostly) gotten over my fear of being in a car here. The two photos taken on the road, show a family of four on a motor bike who pulled up next to helmuts. The other photo shows a PE class marching down the only major road, and as you can imagine - slows traffic way down. We see this kind of thing often. Can you imagine our kids Marching down the 101 freeway?

We also returned to the East side of the island again for more diving and snorkeling with the cast of Finding Nemo. They are all here, and it is splendid. The water is warm, and the visibility is amazing. I think I even saw a clown fish with one fin........
Jack and Patrick completed their goal of 50 dives before this journey ended. They are now qualified to be Master Divers.

So we are down to three weeks remaining in this year long journey. Feeling less like a tourist these days, and melting into this beautiful culture. Ending our trip here in Bali is perfect. I have never been to such a spiritual place, and I will continue to soak up the good that is here, and laugh off the bad ( brown water coming from the shower and sink faucet from time to time, for example)

Where ever this post finds you, be well and happy. And if you can brush your teeth with sink water - Smile and be grateful.

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  1. Your pictures are just beautiful as always and I love the one w/Jack getting his feet nibbled on ~ so cute!! Glad to hear you are settling in to life in Bali, sounds like exploring has been amazing ~ Congrats to Patrick and Jack for becoming Master Divers!!! That is quite an accomplishment - impressive!

    Keep these amazing blogs coming ~ I miss you and think about you daily wondering what interesting new thing you are seeing or experiencing...Much love to you from the States!