Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick update

The Visas are in hand. ( I love Mexico!!!! ) So no nasty dusty, long road trip needed. We are uniting our dock lines and unplugging from the Internet to head back out to sea!!!! We will return to La Paz around the 20th to prepare the good ship Santosha for her three month slumber in hurricane land.....And to pack our luggage to take a plane ride back to the land of plenty, where the people I love reside. Can not wait to see all of your sweet loving faces, and feel your embrace. I am dreaming of it all. Long hot showers, flush toilets, Whole Foods Market, and YOU.

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  1. Enjoy your Happy Birthday at Sea where your heart is it's most happy! So glad u were able to get the extension ~ yay! Have a wonderful time exploring and send us a line when u get a signal here and there..

    I love you birthday girl!!! Have Jack make u a sand-cake and then u can blow out a candle! We will definitely need to celebrate our b-days when get back to Cali!!! Happy Happy Birthday, Tam!!

    xo Lara

  2. Great, great, GREAT news! Yeah!!!!! Hey, we'll be here in Pto. Escondido for 3 days fast are you moving back into the Sea? We'd SOOOOOO love to see you! xoxox -Nancy

  3. So happy you loved The Sea! It is an amazing place.

  4. Happy Birthday Tammy! I think about you all the time and would love to be on your social calendar when you come home!!! You will have a new neighbor -- Marlene, Greg and Maggie will be on their way to Baltimore for a new literary & life adventure just before you return. All my favorite people are off exploring new horizons!! Wonderful! But even more wonderful that we get to see you soon -- let me know when!
    Lots of love,

  5. Happy Birthday, Tammy! I hope you had a wonderful b-day! I just wore my (your present) necklace today, remembering you fondly! I believe your birthday was the 3rd?
    It is so fun to look at all your pictures and read your comments. Live is such an adventure and I'm so happy for you three to have this great opportunity in your live with all the ups and downs! :-) And how awesome for a kid like Jack!
    I really miss you, Tammy and think of you a lot.
    I haven't taken much time to stay in touch and follow your blog. When I do read your blog it is always great as I feel like I can hear your voice.
    I'm really sorry that I will miss you this summer. We will be flying to Switzerland next Tuesday for 2 months and be back in mid August. By then you probably will be in Bali. Ohh, I so wish I could fly to Bali in August and visit with you! :-) I wish you a great time in your "old town" with all your loved once. I'm sure this will be very special to be back after such a long time with all your friends.
    I wish you all a safe trip!
    Love you,

  6. when you are in the neighborhood.

    From Pago,