Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baja Ha Ha - and then some

No turning back now. We have officially entered the Baja Ha Ha Rally. This is a two week sail boat rally that departs from San Diego, makes two stops along the way, and finishes in Cabo. We thought this would be a good launch into our two year (maybe more ) ( maybe less) adventure. Last year over 180 boats traveled down the coast together. It is a great way to connect with a community of like minded adventurist. Some will continue to cruise like us, while others will complete the Rally, then head back to REALITY. I am hoping to gather up some folks and offer sunrise yoga on the beach, and sun down Yoga on the beach. I hope to keep teaching some how, some way - it is what I LOVE to do, and it is one thing I already know I will miss dearly.

Closing down Neighborhood Yoga at the end of this month is pulling on my heart strings in such a big way. I have become very attached to my community of students, who have allowed me to share my voice and spirit of yoga with them for over 4 years....

There is much to do before we depart, as we figure out what we would like to do to the boat and what we can afford to do, which don't match up. Safety and communication are at the top of the list. I need to be able to stay in contact with Alex and Blake, so I can still mother them even if I am 200 miles off shore.

We are in full gear up mode. Patrick spends all day, every day, at the harbor getting the boat ready. We have lists and more lists of things we need to do and purchase. These last few months are creeping by, and before we know it - our dock lines will be cut, and into the wind we will head. I am beyond excited about this opportunity to explore, and connect with the powerful, and beautiful Ocean. I am also super excited about home schooling Jack, and meeting other families who are living this Nomadic life for awhile.

For more info on the Baja Ha Ha check it out at: